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app proxide

Proxide is a debugging proxy for capturing HTTP/2 and gRPC traffic

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0.2.0-alpha.1 Jun 8, 2020
0.1.2 May 29, 2020
0.1.1 May 28, 2020
0.1.0 May 23, 2020

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HTTP2/gRPC Debugging Proxy

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cargo install proxide


Run the proxide UI listening on port 1234, bridging connections to localhost:8888 and using my.proto, dependent.proto and third.proto gRPC descriptions to decode the traffic.

proxide monitor -l 1234 -t localhost:8888 --grpc my.proto dependent.proto third.proto

Bridge the local port 8888 to remote.server:8888 while capturing the network traffic to file capture.bin for later analysis.

proxide capture capture.bin -l 8888 -t remote.server:8888

View the previously captured file uing service.proto to decode the gRPC traffic.

proxide view capture.bin --grpc service.proto


Proxide is currently under development

The basic decoding works, but there are still few "production quality" features missing.

  • Proxy arbitrary HTTP/2 traffic.
  • Decode gRPC communication.
    • Support multiple proto-files and/or proto-file with import statements.
  • Better TUI tooling.
    • Search/highlight support.
    • Clipboard integration.
      • Well we got request/response exporting at least!
    • Follow communication streams.
    • Switch between different encoders manually (Raw, Headers, gRPC).
  • Better support for corrupted/incomplete message display.
  • Import/Export session.
  • Support streaming JSON/Protobuf/etc. output for graphical UI integration.
  • Support TLS
  • Support HTTP/1.x upgrades
  • Support for acquiring stacktraces from local requests with thread-id headers.
  • HTTP/1.x support


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