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A protoc plugin that generates code using the Prost! code generation engine.

When used in projects that use only Rust code, the preferred mechanism for generating protobuf definitions with Prost! is to use prost-build from within a build.rs file. However, when working in polyglot environments, it can be advantageous to utilize common tooling in the Protocol Buffers ecosystem. One common tool used for this purpose is buf, which simplifies the code generation process and includes several useful features, including linting, package management, and breaking change detection.


The various modules that are used for generating Rust code with Prost! and Tonic are available in the named subdirectories. Refer to the README in each of those folders for more information.

Example buf.gen.yaml

Note: When executing protoc-gen-prost-crate with the gen_crate option, remote generation is not possible, as the manifest template is not made available to a remote plugin.

version: v1
  - plugin: buf.build/community/neoeinstein-prost:v0.2.3
    out: gen/src
      - bytes=.
      - compile_well_known_types
      - extern_path=.google.protobuf=::pbjson_types
      - file_descriptor_set
  - plugin: buf.build/community/neoeinstein-prost-serde:v0.2.3
    out: gen/src
  - plugin: buf.build/community/neoeinstein-tonic:v0.3.0
    out: gen/src
      - compile_well_known_types
      - extern_path=.google.protobuf=::pbjson_types
  - plugin: prost-crate
    out: gen
    strategy: all
      - gen_crate=Cargo.toml

See example/build-with-buf for an example of invoking buf as part of a build.rs build script. This may be useful when you want to extend the generated files with additional trait or inherent implementations.

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