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app prose_chan

Implementation of an anonymous board in Rust

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0.1.1 Dec 7, 2019
0.1.0 Dec 7, 2019

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Differences (Or how to fix anonymous image board)

  1. There are no (Yous)
  2. Completely basic HTML/CSS (Customization should be done on the user-end)

And perhaps the biggest change from other image boards is the level of entry. One must be well versed in literature to enter the image board. We will provide the materials on the website. To be able to gain access into the board, one must be able to answer some questions that will then grant you a key that you will then use to enter the website. If you lose this key, there will be no recovery options.

The reading lists are not finalized, we are not even sure if they should be specific to each boards. For example, to gain access to /lit/ one must have read something from the great classics in literature that covers all world religions and philosophies; Upanishad, Notes from Underground, anything from Tolstoy...You can see why its hard to decide on which one.

Its also possible to introduce some form of rotations so that one might have a chance of answering some of the questions if one is luck and/or persistent enough.


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