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prometheus nfsv4 exporter

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prometheus-linux-nfsdv4-exporter - prometheus exporter for NFSv4 server.

prometheus-linux-nfsdv4-exporter It is a prometheus-exporter that reports basic metrics of NFSv4 clients from the server side. Since Linux Kernel 5.3, NFSv4 mount points have information reported inside the /proc/fs/nfsd/clients/, it is possible to retrieve some limited information of clients that are using NFSv4.

Prometheus metrics:

  • nfs_iobytes_read Total of bytes read
  • nfs_iobytes_write Total of bytes write
  • nfs_network_connections Total amount of network connections
  • nfs_network_netcount Total amount of packets
  • nfs_network_tcpcount Total amount of TCP packets
  • nfs_network_udpcount Total amount of UDP packets
  • nfs_reply_cache_hits Number of cache hits
  • nfs_reply_cache_misses Number of cache misses
  • nfs_reply_cache_nocache Number of nocache
  • nfsv4_op_deleg_per_client Number of deleg operations per NFSv4 client
  • nfsv4_op_layout_per_client Number of layout operations per NFSv4 client
  • nfsv4_op_lock_per_client Number of lock operations per NFSv4 client
  • nfsv4_op_open_per_client Number of open operations per NFSv4 client
  • number_of_nfsv4_clients Number of NFSv4 clients
  • nfsv4_exports_total Number of NFSv4 exports

Build the project:

  • Release: cargo build --release

Debian package:

  • First install: cargo install cargo-deb
  • Generate the debian package: cargo deb -v





The project is made available under the BSD 2-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


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