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nightly macro proc-test-catalog

Proc macros for test catalog collection, see test-catalog for details

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0.1.0 Dec 20, 2021

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Test Catalog

It's a simple tool to collect test cases information and export as a catalog.

First, install test-catalog binary with cargo install test-catalog.

To use the test catalog specification, please add the dependencies to Cargo manifest file (Cargo.toml):

proc-test-catalog = "0.1.0"
test-catalog = "0.1.0"

Note that the proc-test-catalog crate needs nightly channel to compile.

After then, additional to legacy test cases, you should use #[proc_test_catalog::test_catalogue] attribute after #[test], and then add the case description in the document line.

#[proc_test_catalog::test_catalogue(since = "0.1.0")]
/// This is preferred case description.
fn it_works() {
    // some test codes.

Full supported attributes list for test_catalogue proc macro are listed beblow:

  • since: test case is added since specific version.
  • compatible_version: compatible TDengine versions expression, like ^2.3.0 && ~2.5.0 or ">2.0".
  • description: override description with this attribute, other wise it will use in-doc description as default.

And then, apply cargo test, and export the test catalog with test-catalog tool.

Full information list about a test case is:

  • version: current app version
  • file: test case located file path relative to the main manifest file.
  • line_start: line start for the test case in file.
  • line_end: line end for the test case in file.
  • name: test case function name.
  • description: describe the current test case with distinguish information.
  • since: the first version of the test case added.
  • compatible_version: a property for TDengine only, compatible TDengine versions expression.
  • authors: authors of the test case
  • created_at: the creation time (seconds from epoch) of the test case.
  • last_commit_id: the last commit id of the test case.
  • last_committer: the last commit signature author of the test case.
  • last_committed_at: the last modiffication time for the test case.
  • elapsed: the test case time cost in nano seconds.

The test-catalog tool could export the test catalog to many file formats, including markdown, confluence wiki markup, tab-separated text(tsv), csv, or json, markdown by default.

For example, export the test catalog to CSV:

test-catalog -f csv


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