Cargo Features

Preroll has no features set by default.

preroll = { version = "0.10.1", features = ["lambda-http", "custom_middleware", "docs", "test", "all", "honeycomb", "postgres", "panic-on-error"] }
lambda-http = tide-lambda-listener
docs = all
all docs? = honeycomb, postgres

All add-ons

honeycomb all? = base64, libhoney-rust, thiserror, tracing, tracing-futures, tracing-honeycomb, tracing-subscriber

Affects json_error::JsonError.honeycomb_trace_id

postgres all? = sqlx, tide-sqlx

Affects test_utils::create_client_and_postgres


Internal features

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

base64 honeycomb?

Enables default (std) of base64 ^0.13

feature = tracing
stuff copied from the unpublished beeline-rust

thiserror honeycomb?
tracing-honeycomb honeycomb?
libhoney-rust honeycomb?

With default (rustls-tls)

sqlx postgres?

Enables runtime-async-std-rustls, postgres, json, chrono, uuid and default features of sqlx ^0.5

tide-lambda-listener lambda-http?
tide-sqlx postgres?

With rustls, postgres and tracing

tracing honeycomb?

With default features

tracing-futures honeycomb?

With default features

tracing-subscriber honeycomb?

With env-filter and registry