Cargo Features

power-protobuf = { version = "0.1.11", default-features = false, features = ["impl_prost", "impl_protobuf_rs", "derive_serde", "tagless", "simplize_rpc_params"] }
default = derive_serde, impl_prost, simplize_rpc_params, tagless

These default features are set whenever power-protobuf is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

impl_prost default

impl_prost: use tonic/prost to implement the protobuf codec and grpc stuff.

Enables impl_prost of power-protobuf-lib


impl_protobuf_rs: use 'stepancheg/rust-protobuf' to implement the protbuf codec.

Enables impl_protobuf_rs of power-protobuf-lib

derive_serde default

enable serde macro derives

Enables derive_serde of power-protobuf-lib

tagless default

tagless: allows auto increduce tag number by previous tag, if the begging tag is not exists, initial value will be set defaultly (message begins with 1, enum begins with 0).

Enables tagless of power-protobuf-lib

simplize_rpc_params default

Enables simplize_rpc_params of power-protobuf-lib