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Fzf keybinding integration for powershell

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Fzf keybinding integration with powershell 5.1 and pwsh >= 7.



  1. Run cargo install posh-fzf, or download the latest release from releases.
  2. Install fd and fzf.
    • For windows, I would recommend installing scoop, and running scoop install fzf fd.
  3. Add this to code $PROFILE:
Invoke-Expression (&posh-fzf init | Out-String)

# Customize the key bindings to your liking
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key 'Ctrl+t' -ScriptBlock { Invoke-PoshFzfSelectItems }
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key 'Alt+c' -ScriptBlock { Invoke-PoshFzfChangeDirectory }
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key 'Ctrl+r' -ScriptBlock { Invoke-PoshFzfSelectHistory }

Built in commands

Command Description
Invoke-PoshFzfSelectItems Select one or more items and paste it to the terminal.
Invoke-PoshFzfChangeDirectory Show all child directories, and if selected, cd to that directory.
Invoke-PoshFzfSelectHistory Show distinct historical commands in most recent order.
Invoke-PoshFzfStartProcess Invokes a process using the Process API. See custom commands below.
Invoke-PoshFzfInsertUtf8 Inserts text forcing UTF-8 encoding.
Invoke-PoshFzfTempEnv Temporarily set environment variables, and reset them after executing a script block.

Custom commands

You can use any fzf command in keybindings by tweaking it to use the Invoke-PoshFzf cmdlet.

[!NOTE] -HeightRowsOrPercent must match the --height argument of fzf. This is due to fzf and PSReadline not working well together if fzf has to scroll the terminal down when it is invoked.

For example, instead of git branch | fzf, you would have:

Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key 'Alt+b' -ScriptBlock { 
    $branch = git branch | Invoke-PoshFzfStartProcess -FileName "fzf" -Arguments @("--height=45%") -HeightRowsOrPercent "45%"
    if ($branch) {
        $branch = $branch.Replace("*", "").Trim()
        Invoke-PoshFzfInsertUtf8("git checkout '$branch'")

You can also executables other than fzf.

For example, zoxide provides a way to inspect it's db using zoxide query -i. Internally, it calls fzf.
Instead of $selection = (zoxide query -i), it can be called like this:

Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key 'Ctrl+shift+z' -ScriptBlock {
    # 45% height comes from: https://github.com/ajeetdsouza/zoxide/blob/a624ceef54a31de2d0624e9eb14ce65024cc9e79/src/cmd/query.rs#L92
    $fzfSelection = Invoke-PoshFzfStartProcess -FileName "zoxide" -Arguments @("query", "-i") -HeightRowsOrPercent "45%"
    if ($fzfSelection) {
        Invoke-PoshFzfInsertUtf8("cd $fzfSelection")

Using fzf environment variables

You can set FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND temporarily like this, the example is from posh-fzf.ps1

function Invoke-PoshFzfChangeDirectory {
    Invoke-PoshFzfTempEnv @{FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND = 'fd --type d --hidden --exclude ".git"'} -ScriptBlock {
        $directory = Invoke-PoshFzfStartProcess -FileName "fzf" -Arguments @("$defaultHeightArg", "--preview", "fd . {} --maxdepth 1")
        if ($directory) {
            Invoke-PoshFzfInsertUtf8 "cd $directory"


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