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Portus is an implementation of a congestion control plane (CCP). It is a library that can be used to write new congestion control algorithms in user-space.

Congestion control algorithm implementations live in independent crates which use this library for common functionality. Each algorithm crate provides a binary which runs a CCP with that algorithm activated.

Further documentation is available on docs.rs.


  1. Install rust. See http://rust-lang.org/ for details.
  2. make. This will build and lint the portus library and bundled algorithm libraries and binaries, and run unit tests.


  • The ipc::netlink and ipc::kp modules will only compile on Linux. If the CCP kernel module (github.mit.edu/nebula/ccp-kernel) is loaded, the test will refuse to run.


There are no algorithm binaries in this repository: it is just a library and runtime for CCP algorithms. You may be interested in https://github.com/ccp-project/generic-cong-avoid, which provides implementations of Reno and Cubic, or https://github.com/ccp-project/bbr, a BBR implementation.


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