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Compile pomsky expressions, a new regular expression language

7 releases (breaking)

0.11.0 Nov 9, 2023
0.10.0 Mar 21, 2023
0.9.0 Jan 14, 2023
0.8.0 Dec 12, 2022
0.5.0 Jul 4, 2022

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Pomsky CLI

This CLI allows you to compile pomsky expressions to regexes in the command line.

Use pre-built binaries

Binaries are available for Windows, Linux and macOS. Download them from the releases page.

Install from source

This requires that a recent Rust toolchain is installed. Instructions for how to install Rust can be found here.

Install the CLI with

cargo install pomsky-bin


Then you can compile pomsky expressions to a regex flavor of your choice; the default is PCRE.

$ pomsky --help
pomsky 0.1.0
Ludwig Stecher <ludwig.stecher@gmx.de>
Compile pomsky expressions, a new regular expression language

    pomsky [OPTIONS] [INPUT]

    <INPUT>    Pomsky expression to compile

    -d, --debug              Show debug information
    -f, --flavor <FLAVOR>    Regex flavor [possible values: pcre, python,
                             java, javascript, dotnet, ruby, rust]
    -h, --help               Print help information
    -p, --path <FILE>        File containing the pomsky expression to compile
    -V, --version            Print version information

It provides nice error messages:

$ pomsky "'Hello world'* \X+"
  × Backslash escapes are not supported
 1'Hello world'* \X+
   ·                ─┬
   ·                 ╰── error occurred here
  help: Replace `\X` with `Grapheme`


Dual-licensed under the MIT license or the Apache 2.0 license.


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