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Polkadot crate that implements the PVF validation host. Responsible for coordinating preparation and execution of PVFs. (polkadot v1.10.0)

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new 11.0.0 Apr 9, 2024
10.0.0 Mar 19, 2024
9.0.0 Feb 27, 2024
8.0.0 Feb 13, 2024
0.0.0 Nov 21, 2022

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PVF Host

This is the PVF host, responsible for responding to requests from Candidate Validation and spawning worker tasks to fulfill those requests.

See also:

Running basic tests

Running cargo test in the pvf/ directory will run unit and integration tests.

Note: some tests run only under Linux, x86-64, and/or with the ci-only-tests feature enabled.

See the general Testing instructions for more information on running tests and observing logs.

Running a test-network with zombienet

Since this crate is consensus-critical, for major changes it is highly recommended to run a test-network. See the "Behavior tests" section of the Testing docs for full instructions.

To run the PVF-specific zombienet test:

RUST_LOG=parachain::pvf=trace zombienet --provider=native spawn zombienet_tests/functional/0001-parachains-pvf.toml

Testing on Linux

Some of the PVF functionality, especially related to security, is Linux-only, and some is x86-64-only. If you touch anything security-related, make sure to test on Linux x86-64! If you're on a Mac, you can either run a VM or you can hire a VPS and use the open-source tool EternalTerminal to connect to it.[^et]

[^et]: Unlike ssh, ET preserves your session across disconnects, and unlike another popular persistent shell, mosh, it allows scrollback.


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