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Library for extracting Oodle bundles used by the game Path of Exile

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0.1.5 Nov 18, 2022
0.1.4 Nov 13, 2022

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Path of Exile Bundle Reader

Reads compressed bundles for the game Path of Exile created by Grinding Gear Games.

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As of patch 3.11.2 Grinding Gear Games began using a new way of storing game files. Some files are now compressed in bundles using RAD Game Tools proprietary Oodle Compression suite.


This project uses this fork of ooz (an open source imlementation of Oodle).

Cargo will look for libooz in the root of the repository, you can change this in the build.rs file.

The usual cargo commands work.

$ cargo build --release


There is not CLI implemented yet, as my initial use case only requires needs a lib.


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