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Parallel Mergeing of two Sorted Arrays

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PMSA: Parallel Mergeing of Two Sorted Arrays in Rust

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It implements the Parallel Mergeing of two Sorted Arrays algorithm in Rust using rayon. The following functions are provided in this crate.

  • par_merge
  • par_merge_by
  • par_merge_by_key


To test the parallel algoirhtm against the sequential one,

cargo run --release --example benchmark -- 1000000

The benchmark runs the sequential and parallel versions on Intel i7-10750H CPU (12 hyperthreads) using release profile. It is tested on two sorted u64 arrays. The parallel version is shown to be ~6 times fater than the sequential counterpart.

per array len sequential parallel
10^6 14.56987ms 2.219912ms
10^7 139.675856ms 23.363867ms
10^8 1.427501286s 325.121204ms


MIT license.


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