A library that can read/write flow file (used in pokemon super mystery dungeon, and maybe pmd) as json

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1.0.2 Apr 15, 2022
1.0.1 May 23, 2020
1.0.0 May 9, 2020

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This library can be used to read or write flow file used in the video game pokemon super mystery dungeon (and maybe gate to infinite and rescue team DX).

It can also dump to a json (or any format supported by the serde library) file, that can be manually edited and rewrited. Please see for this the program flowtool.

I have tested a rewritten flow file for the story of PSMD, and it work well.

It only suport the script_flow_data* file however, and can't be used to edit, for exemple, store script.


This library can read flow file, as used in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

While it can read and write the script_flow_data_us.bin file used in this game, this library isn't finished. It doesn't support different flow file used in this game, and there is many assertion that crash the program rather than returning Error.


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