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A simple CLI tool to help manage your Plex themes

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Plex Theme Manager


Plex themes are a nightmare to manage when using Sonarr and Radarr (where upgrades and cleanups will remove the theme.mp3 file). Additionally, there's no way to share themes easily, between your friend's servers, or between different Radarr/Sonarr instances (for 4K and 1080p media). This tiny CLI tool aims to fix these problems by having one central directory for themes, and automatically symlinking them to the correct locations.


cargo install plex_theme_manager


  • Unix-like OS (Linux, macOS etc). This is due to some weird Windows privilege issues with symlinks that I can't be bothered to understand.


plex_theme_manager is wordy, but oh well, I'm not creative enough for a new name. To use this tool, you need a configuration file, in a JSON format. Pass it in using --config <path>. The JSON must be formatted like this:

    "folders": ["/path/to/TV", "/path/to/Movies"],
    "themes": "/path/to/Themes"
pub struct Config {
    pub folders: Vec<String>, // Array of Movies/TV folders.
    pub themes: String, // Path to the themes folder.

Then, use the commands delete, derive, or update. delete will remove all themes from the folders, derive will create symlinks to the themes folder, and update will first derive the themes (to find update missing themes), and then update the media folders with the theme songs.

update is probably what you want to use 99.9% of the time. The other commands are just there because I needed them for very niche cleaning up.


ptm --config config.json update


This code is licensed under the MIT license because I'm seeking a scholarship at MIT without an application. Also apparently cargo needs a license, and that seems the most sense. IANAL, but I don't care what you do with this code, just don't sue me.

Contributing and Issues

You're free to open an issue or PR. This is actually a tool that I use more often, so I'm likely to have a look at your issue if you make one.

My code is sloppy, bodged and what some would find "radical". There's probably a few expect()s that are supposed to be unwrap()s, and that's primarily due to me not actually using Rust often, but oh well, it works

About Me

Heyo 👋, my Github sits here, and my website's probably here if it still exists.


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