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A plantuml-file to server-url-encoder and downloader

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A plantuml file to server-url-encoder. For use with Gitea or any documentation tool. Encodes plantuml-code-snippets as URL usable for the PlantUML-Service or a self-hosted clone as described in PlantUML Text Encoding.


check out this project.

cargo install --features=build-binary --path=<path to this project> 


A plantuml-file to server-url-encoder and downloader.

Usage: planturl [OPTIONS]

  -s, --source <SOURCE>            Input file, stdin if not present
  -u, --base-url <BASE_URL>        appends the encoded-string onto this URL [default: http://www.plantuml.com/plantuml]
  -i, --img                        embeds the url into an HTML-IMG-Tag
  -d, --download                   downloads an image from a plantuml-server
  -c, --compression <COMPRESSION>  compression to use [hex, deflate, best] [default: deflate]
  -t, --type <IMAGE_TYPE>          imagetype [ascii, png, svg] [default: svg]
  -f, --file <FILE>                saves the result in the given file or stdout if not present
  -h, --help                       Print help information
  -V, --version                    Print version information

Gitea integration

add a plantuml-markup-section in the app.ini-file:

ENABLED = true
# List of file extensions that should be rendered by an external command
FILE_EXTENSIONS = .puml,.uml,.plantuml
# External command to render all matching extensions
RENDER_COMMAND = "/usr/bin/planturl --base-url https://www.plantuml.com/plantuml --img"
# Don't pass the file on STDIN, pass the filename as argument instead.


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