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WARNING: This tool is work in progress! Some of the features mentioned below have not been implemented yet!

This is a program to help manage .plan files. It does this by:

  • Creating or opening .plan files in your editor.
  • Managing the directories (they go in %HOME%/.plan, ~/.plan or the directory defined by PLAN_DIR environemnt variable).
  • Searching for a keyword.


If you want to build from scratch, you need Rust installed. Plan also uses the EDITOR environment variable to choose your editor.


If you have rust installed, run

cargo install plan

Using Plan

Creating or opening a plan

Creation and opening (in your editor given by EDITOR environment variable) are achieved by the same commands:

plan yesterday
plan today
plan tomorrow
plan date YYYY-MM-DD

Given a year ('YYYY'), a month ('MM') and a day ('DD'), a file will be created with this file name:


and then opened in your editor.

On saving and closing your editor, it will be indexed.

plan search <keyword>

This causes Plan to call rg (ripgrep) to search all your .plan files for a particular keyword.


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