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QA library and tools based on pkgcraft

1 unstable release

0.0.1 Feb 5, 2024

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MIT and GPL-3.0-or-later

192K SLoC

C 116K SLoC // 0.1% comments Rust 31K SLoC // 0.0% comments M4 20K SLoC // 0.2% comments Shell 17K SLoC // 0.2% comments Happy 6.5K SLoC Ebuild 699 SLoC // 0.0% comments GNU Style Assembly 67 SLoC Bitbake 9 SLoC Automake 9 SLoC

Contains (autotools obfuscated code, 470KB) testdata/autotools/configure, (obscure autoconf code, 1KB) testdata/autotools/configure.ac

QA library and tools based on pkgcraft.


A recent version of rust and compatible clang compiler.


Static binaries are available for releases on supported platforms or cargo install can be used.

Install from crates.io:

cargo install pkgcruft

Install from git:

cargo install pkgcruft --git https://github.com/pkgcraft/pkgcraft.git


~1M SLoC