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Progress bar for long pipe operations

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Pipe Progress

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Pipe Progress is a command-line utility to display progress during long pipe operations.

This utility was created as part of the amazing training course titled Hands-On Systems Programming with Rust by Nathan Stocks. The course content is available from O'Reilly.


There are a couple of different methods to running the code from this repository.

Pre-build release

Download a prebuilt release in your desired architecture and place the binary into your PATH before running the following.

pp --help

Cargo release

Pipe Progress can be installed using cargo as follows

cargo install pipeprogress

pp --help

From source

If you want to run from source, you can clone this repository and build with cargo as follows.

git clone git@github.com:salt-labs/pipeprogress.git

cd pipeprogress

cargo build --release

./target/release/pp --help


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