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Performant static analyzer for PHP, which is extremely easy to use. It helps you catch common mistakes in your PHP code.

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0.1.21 Apr 16, 2024

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Performant static analyzer for PHP, which is extremely easy to use. It helps you catch common mistakes in your PHP code.


The simplest way to install phanalist is to use the installation script.

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/denzyldick/phanalist/main/bin/init.sh | sh

It will automatically download the executable for your platform:

$ ~/phanalist -V
phanalist 1.0.0

There are also multiple other installation options.


To analyze your project sources, you just need to run phanalist:

$ ~/phanalist



On the first run phanalist.yaml will be created with the default configurations. And it will be reused on all the following runs.

There are also a few additional parameters:

  • config: path to the configuration file, ./phanalist.yaml is default value.
  • src: path to project sources, ./src is default value.
  • output-format: format used to output the results. Possible options are text (default) and json.
  • summary-only: output only amounts of found violations for each rule.
  • quiet: suppresses all the output.


The possible options are:

  • enabled_rules contains the list of rules to use. All rules will be used if this list is empty.
  • disable_rules contains the list of rules to ignore.
  • rules rule-specific options.

The default configuration file is:

enabled_rules: []
disable_rules: []
    check_constructor: true
    max_parameters: 5
    max_complexity: 10
    max_paths: 200
      - "App\\Service\\"
      - "App\\Controller\\"
    exclude_namespaces: []


The following rules are available:

Code Name Default options
E0000 Example rule
E0001 Opening tag position
E0002 Empty catch
E0003 Method modifiers
E0004 Uppercase constants
E0005 Capitalized class name
E0006 Property modifiers
E0007 Method parameters count check_constructor: true, max_parameters: 5
E0008 Return type signature
E0009 Cyclomatic complexity max_complexity: 10
E0010 Npath complexity max_complexity: 200
E0012 Service compatibility with Shared Memory Model include_namespaces: ["App\Service\"],
exclude_namespaces: [],
reset_interfaces: ["ResetInterface"]

Adding a new rule is a simple task, and this tutorial explains how to do it.


Read a series of chapters on https://dev.to/denzyldick to understand the project's internals. It is a great, easy-to-read introduction to this project.

  1. Write your own static analyzer for PHP.
  2. How I made it impossible to write spaghetti code.
  3. Detecting spaghetti code in AST of a PHP source code.
  4. Getting Symfony app ready for Swoole, RoadRunner, and FrankenPHP (no AI involved).


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