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Tembo aims to improve the experience developers have with deploying, managing, and scaling Postgres. Tembo is under active development that you are free to use anything that we have open-sourced.

Why Postgres?

Postgres is the best OSS database in the world, with millions of active deployments, and is growing faster than MySQL. It is battle-tested with a large community that can handle SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) queries and a widerange of workloads (i.e, analytical, time-series, geospatial, etc), on account of its’ rich ecosystem of add-ons and extensions.


We just got started, but here's what we're working on:

  • A managed service Postgres, which you can get early access to by visiting our website
  • Tembo-Stacks - pre-configured Postgres Stacks deployable to Kubernetes
  • Tembo CLI built with Rust
  • Trunk CLI that users can use to publish and install Postgres extensions
  • Trunk Website that serves as a backend for pgt.dev, and also provides discovery and metrics


  • pgmq - an easy message queue built with Rust and available as a Postgres extension and Rust crate, that we use in our managed service
  • pg_later - a Postgres extension for completely asynchronous query execution

In the future:

Tembo Cloud

The team at Tembo is building Tembo Cloud, a dev-first, fully-extensible, fully-managed, secure, and scalable Postgres service. The managed service will provide a growing ecosystem of easily-installed extensions, allowing you to expand the capabilities of your database.

The service is in private beta, but you can join the waitlist at https://tembo.io.


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