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JSONCDC provides change data capture for Postgres, translating the Postgres write ahead log to JSON.

It is written in Rust and, being short, is a good skeleton project for other would be plugin authors who'd like to use Rust to write Postgres extensions.

Our library Requires rust stable 1.1 or greater.

Tasks to work on should be available on: HuBoard badge

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Copyright (c) 2016 Alex Newman, Jason Dusek

JSONCDC is available under multiple licenses:

  • the same license as Postgres itself (licenses/postgres),

  • the Apache 2.0 license (licenses/apache).


JSONCDC is presently installable with pgxn, from the unstable channel: pgxn install jsoncdc --unstable.


A basic demo:

SELECT * FROM pg_create_logical_replication_slot('jsoncdc', 'jsoncdc');
--- Wait for some transactions, and then:
SELECT * FROM pg_logical_slot_get_changes('jsoncdc', NULL, NULL);

The output format of jsoncdc is very regular, consisting of begin, table, insert, update and delete clauses as JSON objects, one per line:

{ "begin": <xid> }
{ "table": <name of table>, "schema": <column names and type> }
...inserts, updates and deletes for this table...
{ "table": <name of next table>, "schema": <column names and type> }
...inserts, updates and deletes for next table...
{ "commit": <xid>, "t": <timestamp with timezone> }

With pg_recvlogical and a little shell, you can leverage this very regular formatting to get each transaction batched into a separate file:

pg_recvlogical -S jsoncdc -d postgres:/// --start -f - |
while read -r line
  case "$line" in
    '{ "begin": '*)                # Close and reopen FD 9 for each new XID
      fields=( $line )
      exec 9>&-
      exec 9> "txn-${xid}.json" ;;
  printf '%s\n' "$line" >&9       # Use printf because echo is non-portable


  • JSON output


  • Monitored by Rust metrics

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