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Helper to create and drop postgres DBs. Useful for testing.

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Simple helper to create and drop Postgres databases. Useful for tests.

This uses either the psql command line utility (default) or the sqlx and sqlx-cli (which makes use of sqlx migrations). Use the sqlx feature for that.


    let db_uri = "postgres://localhost:5432/pg_setup_example";

    let db = PostgresDBBuilder::new(db_uri)
        // optionally keep db

    // optionally create a table
    db.create_table("users", |t| {
        t.add_column("id", "uuid", |c| c.primary_key());
        t.add_column("name", "text", |c| c.not_null());
        t.add_column("email", "text", |c| c.not_null());
        t.add_column("created_at", "timestamp", |c| c.not_null());

    // execute sql
    db.execute("SELECT table_schema,table_name, table_type FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'public';").await?;

    // db will be dropped at the end of the scope, unless `keep_db` is called!

In case you want to keep the db around for debugging you can call PostgresDB::keep_db.

Will use the public schema by default but you can set this with PostgresDB::schema.

License: MIT


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