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Rust based postgres extension

The main things provided by this crate are some macros that help with writing Postgres extensions in Rust.

The objective (not all these are yet implemented):

  • Automatic type conversions, see PgDatum and TryFromPgDatum to Into<PgDatum>
  • pg_magic macro for declaring libraries as Postgres extensions
  • pg_extern attribute for wrapping Rust functions in Postgres C style definitions
  • panic handlers for conversion into Postgres errors
  • allocator that uses Postgres palloc allocator and pfree
  • tbd integrate postgres error logs with log
  • tbd support all Datum types
  • tbd support table like returns and manipulation
  • tbd generators for the psql scripts to load functions


First install Postgres. Once installed, this environment variable is required:

PG_INCLUDE_PATH=[/path/to/postgres]/include/server # e.g. /usr/local/pgsql/include/server

This environment variable is also required for the dynamic libraries to compile:

RUSTFLAGS="-C link-arg=-undefineddynamic_lookup"

This informs the linker that some of the symbols for postgres won't be available until runtime on the dynamic library load.



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