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Purely Functional Data Structures in Rust


Purely functional data structures have the persistence property. The data structure is a collection of delta updates on top of previous updates. They are immutable and as such, they are very suitable solution for a large set of problems in distributed systems, concurrent systems and databases, ...

What's in there

  • List or Stack
  • Queue
  • Balanced Set
  • Balanced Map
  • Hash Set
  • Hash Map
  • Tree

What's excluded

Map/Set/Queue iter are not yet implemented. They are available for List/HashSet/HashMap/Tree however.


let mut numbers = Vec::new();
let mut n   = HashSet::empty();
for _ in 0..1000000 {
    let r = rand() % 100000;
    n   = n.insert(r);

let mut sorted  = numbers.clone();

assert_eq!(n.len(), sorted.len());

for i in 0..numbers.len() {
    assert_eq!(n.exist(numbers[i]), true);

let mut v = n.to_vec();
assert_eq!(v.len(), sorted.len());
for i in sorted {
    n = n.remove(i);
    assert_eq!(n.exist(i), false);

assert_eq!(n.len(), 0);

Test coverage

The tests aim for 100% test coverage. 100% coverage doesn't exclude bugs. In fact it uncovered bugs in the coverage tool (tarpaulin), so use it at your own risk ;) Also, given the fragile status of tarpaulin, there are a lot of false positive: code marked as uncovered, but it is.


Bot set.rs & map.rs are highly inspired by the F# code in the F# compiler code (FSharp.Core/set.fs). The F# code is one of the highest performance implementations out there.


BSD-3-Clause license

No runtime deps