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Persway - a simple sway ipc daemon

This is a small daemon that listens to sway events over an ipc socket. It sets the opacity of all non-focused windows to the configured value. It will also set the workspace name dynamically to the name of the focused application if workspace-renaming is enabled. If autolayout is enabled (see command line options below), it will also alternate between horizontal / vertical splits, sort of like AwesomeWM.

Default opacity is 0.78 but can be changed via a command line parameter:

persway 0.4.0
I am Persway. A friendly daemon.

I talk to the Sway Compositor and persuade it to do little evil things. Give me an option and see what it brings.

    persway [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -a, --autolayout
            Enable autolayout, alternating between horizontal and vertical somewhat reminiscent of the Awesome WM

    -h, --help
            Prints help information

    -V, --version
            Prints version information

    -w, --workspace-renaming
            Enable automatic workspace renaming based on what is running in the workspace (eg. application name)

    -o, --opacity <opacity>
            Set the level of opacity to give non-focused containers, the default of 1.0 means persway will not set any
            opacity at all [default: 1.0]
    -s, --opacity_skip <opacity-skip>...
            Do not set opacity of the windows with given criteria. Multiple criteria can be specified

If you have trouble with workspace naming/numbering and switching workspaces, please see this issue comment: https://github.com/johnae/persway/issues/2#issuecomment-644343784 - the gist of it is that it is likely a sway config issue.

Nix flake

If you happen to be on NixOS or you're using the Nix Package Manager, you can easily use the flake and overlay from this repo (provided you're using Nix flakes ofc).

Persway is released under the MIT license.


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