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Perseus CLI

This is the official Perseus CLI for making building and serving apps significantly easier! You can install it like so:

cargo install perseus-cli

And you'll then have an executable called perseus on your system!

If you're new to Perseus, you should check out the core package first.



This is the API documentation for the perseus-cli package, which acts as a frontend for abstracting away a lot of Perseus' internal complexity. Note that Perseus mostly uses the book for documentation, and this should mostly be used as a secondary reference source. You can also find full usage examples here.

Why is this here?

Usually, binary packages wouldn't have API documentation like this, but the Perseus CLI uses a hybrid structure of a library and a binary, which allows it to be used as a library in applications that build on Perseus. Note that this area of using Perseus is currently almost entirely undocumented, and there may be major hiccups! If you'd like to help us out, please open a PR for the documentation you'd like to see on this front!


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