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pct - parser construction toolkit

pct is a library, written in Rust, that provides the ability to generate and execute LL(1) parsers.

Pro tip: Don't use this.

It provides functions for the following:

  • cfg::bnf::from_str: from a string containing a grammar in BNF, create a Cfg.
  • cfg::ll1::generate_table: from a Cfg, create the LL(1) parse table. Panics if there is a conflict.
  • cfg::ll1::parse: from a LL(1) parse table and a Vec<cfg::Token>, returns the list of rules applied to derive the vector. Panics if it can't derive.


  • Does not remove left recursion or left factoring. Left recursion will loop forever.
  • Panics instead of returning options. You're welcome.
  • Probably hella slow [sic].
  • The start symbol can only go to one production.

The Input Format:

A sample input may be:

A d
B e
C f

This corresponds to the grammar

S → A B C
A → d | ε
B → e
C → f | ε

The input to cfg::bnf::from_str should be built by the following rules:

  • Rules terminated by newlines.
  • Upper case letters indicate nonterminals in the grammar.
  • Lower case letters indicate terminals in the grammar.
  • The first letter of the line must be upper case and is the LHS of the rule.
  • The rest of the line is the RHS of the line; if it's empty, it's an epsilon production.
  • The first rule is used as the start rule. For multiple start rules, use an augmented grammar.

Notes on the sample grammar:

(0) S → A B C
(1) A → ε
(2) A → d ε
(3) B → e
(4) C →  ε
(5) C → f
 A | d, ε
 B | e
 C | f, ε
 S | d, e

 A | e
 B | F, $
 C | $
 S | $

Parse Table:

   $  d  e  f
S:    0  0
A:    2  1
B:       3
C: 4        5

No runtime deps