Cargo Features

patched-porobot has no features set by default.

patched_porobot = { version = "0.15.0", features = ["jpg", "exec", "search", "telegram", "discord", "matrix", "test"] }
jpg telegram? = base64, hex, hmac, sha2
exec discord? matrix? telegram? = pretty_env_logger

Affects patched_porobot::search

telegram = exec, jpg, md5, rand, search, teloxide, tokio

Affects patched_porobot::telegram

Required by the patched_porobot_telegram binary

discord = anyhow, exec, search, serenity, tokio

Affects patched_porobot::discord

Required by the patched_porobot_discord binary

matrix = exec, search

Affects patched_porobot::matrix

Required by the patched_porobot_matrix binary

test = tokio

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

hex jpg?

Enables hex


base64 jpg?

Enables base64 ^0.21.0

hmac jpg?
sha2 jpg?
pretty_env_logger exec?

Enables pretty_env_logger ^0.4.0


tantivy search?

Enables tantivy ^0.19.1


teloxide telegram?

Enables teloxide


tokio discord? telegram? test?
md5 telegram?
rand telegram?
serenity discord?

Enables serenity ^0.11.5


anyhow discord?