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Parse XML dumps exported from Mediawiki

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Parse Mediawiki dump

Parse XML dumps exported from Mediawiki.

Parse Wiki Text

This module parses XML dumps exported from Mediawiki, providing each page from the dump through an iterator. This is useful for parsing the dumps from Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.


If you need to parse any wiki text extracted from a dump, please use the crate Parse Wiki Text (crates.io, Github). Correctly parsing wiki text requires dealing with an astonishing amount of difficult and counterintuitive cases. Parse Wiki Text automatically deals with all these cases, giving you an unambiguous tree of parsed elements that is easy to work with.


This module only parses dumps containing only one revision of each page. This is what you get from the page Special:Export when enabling the option “Include only the current revision, not the full history”, as well as what you get from the Wikimedia dumps with file names ending with -pages-articles.xml.bz2.

This module ignores the siteinfo element, every child element of the page element except ns, revision and title, and every element inside the revision element except format, model and text.

Until there is a real use case that justifies going beyond these limitations, they will remain in order to avoid premature design driven by imagined requirements.


Parse a bzip2 compressed file and distinguish ordinary articles from other pages. A running example with complete error handling is available in the examples folder.

extern crate bzip2;
extern crate parse_mediawiki_dump;

fn main() {
    let file = std::fs::File::open("example.xml.bz2").unwrap();
    let file = std::io::BufReader::new(file);
    let file = bzip2::bufread::BzDecoder::new(file);
    let file = std::io::BufReader::new(file);
    for result in parse_mediawiki_dump::parse(file) {
        match result {
            Err(error) => {
                eprintln!("Error: {}", error);
            Ok(page) => if page.namespace == 0 && match &page.format {
                None => false,
                Some(format) => format == "text/x-wiki"
            } && match &page.model {
                None => false,
                Some(model) => model == "wikitext"
            } {
                    "The page {title:?} is an ordinary article with byte length {length}.",
                    title = page.title,
                    length = page.text.len()
            } else {
                println!("The page {:?} has something special to it.", page.title);


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