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Temporary crate containing thrift library + parquet definitions compiled to support read+write async

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This is a temporary crate containing a subset of rust's thirft library and parquet to support native async parquet read and write.

Specifically, it:

  • supports async read API (via futures)
  • supports async write API (via futures)
  • the write API returns the number of written bytes

It must be used with the fork of thrift's compiler available at https://github.com/jorgecarleitao/thrift/tree/write_size .


To read and write files with thrift (e.g. parquet) without commiting to a particular runtime (e.g. tokio, hyper, etc.), the protocol needs to support AsyncRead + AsyncSeek and AsyncWrite respectively.

To not require Seek and AsyncSeek on write, the protocol must return the number of written bytes on its write_* API.

This crate addresses these two concerns for parquet. It is essentially:


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