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Palombe lets you send and receive messages synchronously through different processes using named pipes

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0.5.1 Aug 28, 2021
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0.3.2 Oct 19, 2018
0.1.0 Mar 17, 2018

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🕊️ Palombe cargo version

Palombe lets you send and receive key/value messages synchronously through different processes using named pipes.

Quick example

extern create palombe;

fn main() {
    std::thread::spawn(|| send("foo", "bar"));
    assert_eq!(receive("foo"), "bar");


⚠️ This tool is not suited for building software, it is intended to be used only in rapid prototyping and first product development steps!

C-bindings that expose Palombe have no UTF8 support (because it uses CString that are FFI-Safe), so base64 could be a good encoding for sharing complex datatypes ...

If you looking for a better / faster / safer way to share typed (yes you want that) data across different processes, take a look at GoogleProtocal Buffer or even better at Cap’n Proto (which is infinitely faster).

Supported environments

The tool is embed into modules targeting several environments:


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