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A searchable document datastore built on sled and tantivy.

Provides a typed-tree interface to a sled database, with standard datastore ops (find, create, update, delete), but also Lucene/Elasticsearch style searching.

The included pallet_macros crate provides an easy way to derive pallet::DocumentLike for data structs.


extern crate serde;

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize, Debug, pallet::DocumentLike)]
#[pallet(tree_name = "books")]
pub struct Book {
    title: String,
    description: Option<String>,
    #[pallet(index_field_type = "u64")]
    rating: u8,

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let temp_dir = tempfile::TempDir::new_in(".")?;

    let db = sled::open(temp_dir.path().join("db"))?;

    let store = pallet::Store::builder().with_db(db).with_index_dir(temp_dir.path()).finish()?;

    let books = vec![
        Book {
            title: "The Old Man and the Sea".into(),
            description: Some(
                "He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in \
            the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days \
            now without taking a fish."
            rating: 10,
        Book {
            title: "The Great Gatsby".into(),
            description: Some("About a man and some other stuff".into()),
            rating: 8,

    let _ = store.create_multi(&books)?;

    let books = store.search("man AND rating:>8")?;

    println!("{:?}", books);



See the example for usage. The following attributes can be used to customize the implementation:

  • tree_name: A container level attribute to specify the sled::Tree name.
  • index_field_name: Rename the field in the search schema.
  • index_field_type: Set the index field type, must implement Into<tantivy::schema::Value>.
  • index_field_options: Set the index field options. By default, the options for String is tantivy::schema::TEXT, and the options for numeric types is tantivy::schema::INDEXED.
  • default_search_field: Include this field in the list of default search fields.
  • skip_indexing: Do not index this field.



  • Update sled/tantivy deps (thanks @lberezy)


  • Add serde-cbor serialization support (thanks @minioin)


  • Add Deref to inner type on Document
  • Make index writer persistent


  • Add various builders.
  • Split out index and tree functionality.
  • Set up search::Searcher trait and other search helpers.


  • Add some docs


  • Add pallet_macros to derive pallet::DocumentLike

Current version: 0.7.0

License: MIT


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