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Cross-platform polyfills. This library attempts to provide reliable polyfills for functionality that isn’t implemented on all platforms

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Cross-platform polyfills.

This library attempts to provide reliable polyfills for functionality that isn't implemented on all platforms.

palaver = "Platform Abstraction Layer" + pa·lav·er n. prolonged and tedious fuss.


gettid()Get thread ID
count()Number of threads in current process
seal_fd()Make a file descriptor read-only
dup_fd()Duplicate a file descriptor
copy_fd()Copy a file descriptor to a specific offset
move_fd()Move a file descriptor to a specific offset
move_fds()Move file descriptors to specific offsets
fd_dir()Get a path to the file descriptor directory
fd_path()Get a path to a file descriptor
FdIterIterate all open file descriptors
memfd_create()Create an anonymous file
fexecve()Execute program specified via file descriptor
copy()Copy by looping io::copy
copy_sendfile()Copy using sendfile
copy_splice()Copy using splice
pipe()Create a pipe
socket()Create a socket
accept()Accept a connection on a socket
is_connected()Get whether a pending connection is connected
unreceived()Get number of bytes readable
unsent()Get number of bytes that have yet to be acknowledged
exe()Opens the current running executable
exe_path()Get a path to the current running executable
args()Get command line arguments
vars()Get environment variables
fork()Fork a process, using process descriptors where available
is()Check if running under Valgrind
start_fd()Get Valgrind's file descriptor range


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