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Collection of decompressors in pure safe Rust

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0.0.1 Oct 19, 2020

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paku is a collection of decompressors in pure safe Rust

  1. Pure Rust. No unsafe code.
  2. Support all reasonably modern popular formats for decompression.
  3. No dependency on external decompression code.
  4. Be reasonably fast. Currently unknown.
Distant future goals
  1. Support some specific compression format or two. Tbd which one. Most likely zstd.
  2. Provide no_std support.
  3. ARM and x86 asm.
Supported formats
format status notes
lzf fully implemented
lz4 in LZ4Block lz4_jblock implements format compatible with https://github.com/lz4/lz4-java/blob/master/src/java/net/jpountz/lz4/LZ4BlockInputStream.java this format does not seem to be supported by any other libraries, however there are unfortunately compressed files using it around