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Mod packager for Factorio

17 releases

0.6.0 Oct 1, 2022
0.5.2 Nov 10, 2021
0.5.1 Feb 25, 2021
0.5.0 Nov 19, 2020

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Mod packager for Factorio



The latest precompiled binaries are available on github.

Alternatively you can install pactorio from crates.io with cargo.

cargo install pactorio

Building from source

cargo build --release


pactorio [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]
option description
-c, --compact Output info.json compactly
-z, --zip Output a zip file instead
--compression <method> Specify the compression method, ignored without the -z/--zip flag
default: stored
possible values: stored, bzip2, deflate, zstd
-d, --dir <directory> Set working directory
-i, --input <file> Specify the config file to use
default: pactorio.toml
-o, --output <directory> Specify the output directory
default: release
-u, --upload [<api-key>] Upload to mod portal
Requires an API key, which can be created on https://factorio.com/profile
-h, --help Prints help information (use -h for a summary)
-V, --version Prints version information


By default, pactorio uses pactorio.toml as its config file.

It is similar to the info.json file and uses TOML syntax.

Here is an example of a pactorio config file.

# Information about your package, similar to info.json
# https://wiki.factorio.com/Tutorial:Mod_structure#info.json

# Mandatory, internal name of your mod
name = "example_mod"

# Mandatory, version of your mod, "main.major.minor"
version = "0.1.0"

# Mandatory, display name of your mod
title = "Example mod"

# Mandatory, author of your mod, You
author = "You"

# Optional, for example your email address
contact = "you@example.com"

# Optional, link to the homepage of your mod
homepage = "https://you.example.com"

# Optional, short description of your mod
description = "Example mod. Does something and some other things. "

# Optional, default: "0.12", usually needs to be added
factorio_version = "1.0"

# Dependencies are separated into four parts, All four of them are optional
# They are under a table named "deps", you can also use "dependencies"

# Required dependencies

# Same as "base >= 1.0" in info.json
base = ">= 1.0"

# Conflict or incompatible dependencies
[deps.conflict] # or [deps.incompatible]

# Same as "! bad_mod" in info.json
bad_mod = ""

# Same as "! incomp < 3" in info.json
incomp = "< 3"

# Optional dependencies

# Same as "opt_dep = 0.2.1" in info.json
opt_dep = "= 0.2.1"

# Hidden optional dependencies

# Same as "hidden_dep > 2.0" in info.json
hidden_dep = "> 2.0"

# Optional, source directory

# Pactorio will use all the files under this directory
# Optional, default: "src"
dir = "src"

# A list of glob patterns to represent the files to include
# Relative to your source directory
# Optional, default: ["**/**"]
include = ["**/**"]

# A list of glob patterns to represent the files to ignore
# Relative to your source directory
# Optional, default: []
ignore = []




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