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Share packets between services using servo ipc

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Library to share packets between processes using servo's ipc-channel.

Attempts to be as efficient as possible while still allowing packets to be used with C FFI.

A packet is defined for this library as any structure which implements AsIpcPacket.


A server must be created before a client, since the client will use the server's name to connect.

To start, create a server, and accept a connection:

let server = Server::new().expect("Failed to build server");
let server_name = server.name.clone();
let connection = futures::spawn(server.accept()).expect("No connection formed");

Once a server is created, you can then use the server's name to create a client:

let client = Client::new(server_name.clone()).expect("Failed to connect");

At this point, you can send packets to the client:

connection.send(Some(packets)).expect("Failed to send");

or tell the client you are done sending packets:

connection.send(None).expect("Failed to send");

and close the connection:


The client is immediately available for use, and can receive packets using:

let opt_packets = client.receive_packets(size).expect("Failed to receive packets");
if Some(packets) = opt_packets {
} //else server is closed

Streaming Packets to Client

Once a connection is formed, it can be used with a stream of packets:

let stream_result = packets_stream.transfer_ipc(connection).collect().wait();


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