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core functions for communicating with praamid.ee internal API

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Paat is a bot for finding spots on ferries moving between Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and mainland Estonia. Even when the ferries are sold out people often change their tickets or opt to go at an earlier time. Therefore, continues polling of the available spots can lead to a ferry ticket at the desired time. Paat helps to simplify it by polling after every 30 seconds, removing the need to keep refreshing the ferry website.

Paat consists of two parts: paat-core which implements logic for polling, paat-cli which is the user facing CLI application. In future there is a plan to add more user facing applications such paat-tui and paat-desktop.



Paat Usage GIF

Oh, and it will play sound too🎵!


Using Cargo

cargo install paat-cli

From source

git clone https://github.com/ebakoba/paat
cd paat/paat-cli
cargo install --path .


Paat is written agains internal API of praamid.ee. Changes at the internal API can break functionality of Paat at any moment.

Currently Paat can only poll spots for small vehicles.


~315K SLoC