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Expose your local game server to the Internet

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Expose your local game server to the Internet.

This software aims to minimize cost and effort to prepare local game server like Minecraft, Factorio, RUST and so on.

  • Cost you'll save
    • You can utilize any redundunt compute resource for game server as long as they can connect to the Internet.
    • You can save cost for Cloud, VPS.
  • Effort you'll save
    • No firewall, NAT settings is required.
    • GUI application is also available.


  • Expose your local TCP/UDP endpoint to the Internet
  • Offer GUI client for game server for Minecraft, factorio, RUST, etc.


install it by cargo

cargo install ownserver

If you dont have cargo installed, please install rustup beforehand

Download binary

Download binary for your OS:

cargo build

Optionally, you can build ownserver by yourself:

git clone https://github.com/Kumassy/ownserver.git
cd ownserver
cargo build --release


⚠️ This software has not yet reach stable release. Use with caution! ⚠️

We also offer GUI. visit ownserver-client-gui

% ownserver -h
ownserver 0.5.1

    ownserver [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --control-port <control-port>    Advanced settings [default: 5000]
        --local-port <local-port>        Port of your local game server listens e.g.) 25565 for Minecraft [default:
        --payload <payload>              tcp or udp [default: tcp]
        --token-server <token-server>    Advanced settings [default: https://auth.ownserver.kumassy.com/v1/request_token]

# listen on local port
% nc -kl 3000

% ownserver --payload tcp --local-port 3000
Connecting to auth server: https://auth.ownserver.kumassy.com/v1/request_token
Your proxy server: shard-7924.ownserver.kumassy.com
Connecting to proxy server: shard-7924.ownserver.kumassy.com:5000
Your Client ID: client_755d0b36-f863-41e1-b5ff-c6c89fdb92a5
| Your server tcp://localhost:3000 is now available at tcp://shard-7924.ownserver.kumassy.com:17974 |

# you can send any TCP packet to local port!
% nc shard-7924.ownserver.kumassy.com 17974

via cargo

% cargo run --release --bin ownserver -- -h

Run Minecraft Server

# run minecraft server
java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

# run ownserver client
ownserver  -- --payload tcp --local-port 25565

share your public URL!

How it works

This app creates a private tunnel between our server and your local game server. You'll get a dedicated global public address for your server. All requests to that public address are forwarded to your local game server throught the tunnel.

Similer Project

  • ngrok
    • written in Go
    • support HTTP, HTTPS and TCP
  • tunnelto
    • written in Rust
    • support HTTP

This software was initially developed as a fork of tunnelto.


Project Layout

  • ownserver/ownserver
    • include executable of client application
    • also serves library for ownserver-client-gui
  • ownserver/ownserver_lib
    • define transmission protocol between client and server
  • ownserver/ownserver_server
    • establish private tunnel to client
    • forward request between public endpoints to a set of client
  • ownserver-auth
    • performs user authentication and load balancing
  • ownserver-client-gui
    • GUI for ownserver client

Running tests

cargo test




Feel free to open Issues, send Pull Requests!




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