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Outcome simulation architecture implemented in Rust

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It’s an implementation

outcome-rs is an implementation of outcome architecture. Architecture is a big word, really it’s a rather simple system for handling a set of data structures in a certain way that enables creation of certain types of simulations. These simulations are meant to be abstract representations of the real world, with strong emphasis on the socio-economic and environmental side of things. The true complexity is meant to come from the user created data that can be fed into the simulations.

Check out https://docs.theoutcomeproject.com to learn more.

It’s a library

outcome-rs is meant to exist as a library to be used with other Rust, and possibly also non-Rust, projects.

Functionality in terms of inputs/outputs

outcome-rs exposes everything needed to generate, run and interact with outcome simulations. For a higher-level overview of some of the core processing functions check out processing section of the documentation.

Here is a more detailed list:



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