Cargo Features

optima = { version = "0.0.4", default-features = false, features = ["optima_bevy", "do_not_embed_assets", "only_use_embedded_assets", "exclude_all_robot_asset_embedding", "exclude_robot_visual_meshes_embedding", "nlopt_optimization", "all_robots", "robot_group_3", "robot_group_2", "robot_group_1", "ur5", "sawyer", "fetch", "hubo"] }
default = do_not_embed_assets, optima_bevy

NOTE! To turn off, must include --no-default-features.

optima_bevy default = bevy, bevy_egui, bevy_prototype_debug_lines, bevy_stl

Affects optima::optima_bevy

do_not_embed_assets default = exclude_all_robot_asset_embedding

NOTE! This will only work if you include --no-default-features.

exclude_all_robot_asset_embedding do_not_embed_assets
nlopt_optimization = nlopt

Affects optimization::NLoptNonlinearOptimizer

all_robots = fetch, robot_group_3

----------- robot embeddeding groups --------

robot_group_3 all_robots? = hubo, robot_group_2
robot_group_2 robot_group_3? = robot_group_1, sawyer
robot_group_1 robot_group_2? = ur5
ur5 robot_group_1?

----------- robots --------------------------

sawyer robot_group_2?
fetch all_robots?
hubo robot_group_3?

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

bevy optima_bevy

Enables bevy ^0.8.1

NOTE! "dynamic" feature must be removed before release of code that cannot use

bevy_stl optima_bevy

Enables bevy_stl ^0.6.0

bevy_egui optima_bevy

Enables bevy_egui ^0.15

bevy_prototype_debug_lines optima_bevy

Enables bevy_prototype_debug_lines ^0.8.1

nlopt not wasm32 nlopt_optimization?

Enables nlopt ^0.5.4