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This is an unofficial Rust client for OpsGenie API v2.

The client is autogenerated from the OpenAPI definition found in the OpsGenie Python SDK repository.

This library is still in its early stages. The interface could change at any time.

It currently uses reqwest for HTTP calls, but I'm looking into converting this to bring-your-own-http-client.

OpsGenie also provide a repository for the OpenAPI specification, but it doesn't compile.


The client is generated with OpenAPI Generator v5.0.

java -jar openapi-generator-cli-5.0.0.jar generate \
  --input-spec opsgenie-oas.yml \
  --generator-name rust \
  --config generator.json \
  --type-mappings=DateTime="chrono::DateTime<chrono::offset::Utc>",Date="chrono::Date<chrono::offset::Utc>" \

Documentation for API Endpoints

See DOCS.md for the autogenerated API documentation.

The official OpsGenie API documentation may come in handy, too.


This project is distributed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. Please see LICENSE for the full text.


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