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Asynchronous bindings to the OpenRazer daemon, written in pure Rust. The API is somewhat similar openrazer Python module. Here's an example of applying the wave effect to all devices:

use openrazer::{devices::GenericMethods, DeviceManager, Error::UnsupportedCapability};
use std::error::Error;

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error + Send + Sync + 'static>> {
    let manager = DeviceManager::new().await?;

    let devices = manager.devices().await?;
    println!("Found {} Razer devices", devices.len());

    for device in devices {
        println!("Setting wave effect for {}", device.name().await?);


There are also other examples in the repository.


I wrote this crate to fulfill my own need: change lighting mode on my Razer Huntsman keyboard. This keyboard is the only Razer device I have and can test this crate on, so I didn't add bindings to features that my keyboard doesn't support. That said, implemented features will work on any device that supports them, and it's easy to add new bindings, so merge requests are welcome!


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