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🥢 Welcome to openmensa-rs 🍴

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rust library to interact with the openmensa api

Basic usage 🔧

This library provides a way to build request to the openmensa api and deserialize into rust structures. Provided are requests for Canteen, Meal and Day.

Requesting a list of all canteens

use openmensa_rs::request::CanteenRequest;

async fn main() {
    println!("List of all canteens: ");
    let list = CanteenRequest::new().build().await;
    println!("{:?}", list);

Requesting the meals for a single canteen

use openmensa_rs::{req_canteens, request::MealRequest};

async fn main() {
    let list = req_canteens().await.unwrap();
    // Print out the meals offered in the first canteen
    println!("Meals in the {} canteen on the {}", list[0].name(), chrono::Utc::today());
    let meals = MealRequest::new(list[0].id(), chrono::Utc::today())
    println!("{:?}", meals);

Shorthands for generic requests

If you want to get all information and specify no further constraints for your requests, you can use the provided shorthands req_canteens, req_days and req_meals.

use openmensa_rs::req_canteens;

async fn main() {
    let list = req_canteens().await.unwrap();
    println!("First canteens has id {} and is called {}", list[0].id(), list[0].name());

Add this crate 📦

All you have to do is add in your Cargo.toml under dependencies

openmensa-rs = "^0"


If you have any troubles using this library or you find any problems feel free to open an issue. Explaining your problem and if possible provide a short code snippet.


Johannes Wünsche

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