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Simple and fast proxy checker that include protocol validation

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Open Proxies

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🎯 About

Simple and fast proxy checker that include protocol validation;

🚀 Technologies

The following tools were used in this project:

✅ Requirements

Before starting 🏁, you need to have Git and Rust installed.

🏁 Starting

# install using cargo:
$ cargo install open_proxies
# install manualy:
$ curl https://github.com/KM8Oz/open_proxies/archive/refs/tags/[binary]

✅ lib_Usage

   use open_proxies::{compute_proxy, readfile}
   async fn main(){
    let proxies = readfile("./socks5.txt".into(), ).await;
    if proxies.is_some() {
        println!("🔥 start computing! 🔥");
        for proxie in proxies.unwrap() {
            let is_valid = compute_proxy(proxie.clone(), 1, 2).await;
            println!("{:?}", is_valid);

✅ exec_Usage

Usage: open_proxies [OPTIONS] --input <FILENAME>

  -i, --input <FILENAME>  TXT file path where proxies ready to be parsed
  -o, --out <FILENAME>    file path where live proxies will be saved [default: live.txt]
  -t, --timeout <NUMBER>  single proxy compute iteration timeout in seconds [default: 2]
  -n, --threads <NUMBER>  threads number used for proxies computing [default: 10]
  -r, --retrys <NUMBER>   how many time a single proxy will be tested (>=1) [default: 2]
  -h, --help              Print help information
  -V, --version           Print version information

  -a <example1>      open_proxies -i ./socks.txt -o ./live.txt -t 2 -r 2 -n 10
  -b <example2>      open_proxies -i ./socks.txt -o ./live.txt


📝 License

This project is under license from MIT. For more details, see the LICENSE file.

Made with ❤️ by @KM8Oz

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