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Enhance 1password secret expansion with the opx CLI

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This tool allows you to use the opx binary to start an application with all .env files passed to op run ....


cargo install onepassword-secret-util

# start your app with secrets injected

The command above would run this in the background:

op run --env-file=.env --env-file=apps/web/.env -- npm start


Working example of it doing the correct thing in a demo repo:

opx ✔ $ opx
[OPX] Forcing terminal colors with FORCE_COLOR=1
[ENV] .env
[ENV] apps/demo/.env
[ENV] apps/other-app/.env
[OPX] op run --env-file=/Users/hacksore/Code/opensource/demo-1pass-secrets/.env --env-file=/Users/hacksore/Code/opensource/demo-1pass-secrets/apps/demo/.env --env-file=/Users/hacksore/Code/opensource/demo-1pass-secrets/apps/other-app/.env -- npm start

> demo-1pass-secrets@0.0.0 start
> turbo run start

• Packages in scope: demo, eslint-config-custom, other-app, tsconfig
• Running start in 4 packages
• Remote caching disabled
demo:start: cache bypass, force executing 545833253ebd38cc
other-app:start: cache bypass, force executing 2ed51133d14970ce
other-app:start: > other-app@1.0.0 start
other-app:start: > node main.js
demo:start: > demo@1.0.0 start
demo:start: > node main.js
demo:start: Hello this is a sample app that uses a secret from 1password cli
other-app:start: Hello this is a sample app that uses a secret from 1password cli
demo:start: Secret is: <concealed by 1Password>
other-app:start: Secret is: <concealed by 1Password>

 Tasks:    2 successful, 2 total
Cached:    0 cached, 2 total
  Time:    216ms


How i link it

# dev
cargo watch -x "build --release"

# link it
export PATH="$HOME/code/opensource/onepassword-secret-util/target/release:$PATH"


  • How do you handle duplicate env vars?
  • How do you handle different environment dimensions (.env.local vs .env.production, etc)


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