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Export script for the OHCA Registry Slovenia

To use the CLI, install it with cargo install ohca-utstein and run it using ohca-utstein commands.

To connect to a database using credentials and output a utstein.json file use:

ohca-utstein json credentails -u user -d database_name -i

You will be prompted for the database password.

To connect using a connection string and output a utstein_report.html file use:

ohca-utstein html -o utstein_report.html connect -c mysql://{user}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{db}


Tailwind is used to help with stying the index.html Utstein report template. To aid with that, the crate railwind is used. To start using it, run:

cargo install railwind_cli

After installing it, navigate to this directory and run:

railwind -w -p

To run railwind_cli and watch the index.html file for changes.


~786K SLoC