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A decoder/encoder for Ogg Opus for WASM

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0.1.3 Oct 4, 2023
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Ogg Opus

A encoder for Ogg Opus in Rust for WASM.

WASM Problem ...

We are currently investigating this issue.

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Ogg Opus original repository


cargo add ogg-opus-wasm
wasm-pack build --target web



This example makes use of wav crate, you can use it adding to your cargo.toml file:

wav = "^1.0"
let mut f = File::open("my_file.wav").unwrap();
let (_, b) = wav::read(&mut f).unwrap();
let audio = b.try_into_sixteen().unwrap();
let opus = ogg_opus::encode::<16000, 1>(&audio).unwrap();


Read from file

let mut f = File::open("my_file.ogg").unwrap();
let (raw, header) = ogg_opus::decode::<_,16000>(f).unwrap();

Read from Vec

use std::io::Cursor;

// Let's say this vec contains Ogg Opus data
let opus: Vec<u8> = Vec::new();
let (raw, header) = ogg_opus::decode::<_,16000>(Cursor::new(opus)).unwrap();

What works and what not

  • Only supports i16 (integer of 16 bits) for the raw part.
  • Both mono and stereo are supported but only mono is tested.
  • More channels than stereo are untested and will probably break it.
  • Supports decoding and encoding any sample rate supported by Opus (8k Hz, 12k Hz, 24k Hz and 64k Hz) but only 16k Hz has been tested
  • Encoding is set to a bitrate of 24k (because of Lily's constraints)
  • There's still some inaccuracies around start and end of audio (can't tell if it's due to the encoder or the decoder)
  • Advanced decode and encoding features (repairables streams, fec and others)


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