Cargo Features

ocl = { version = "0.19.7", default-features = false, features = ["kernel_debug_print", "kernel_debug_sleep", "opencl_version_1_1", "opencl_version_1_2", "opencl_version_2_0", "opencl_version_2_1", "opencl_vendor_mesa", "future_guard_drop_panic", "async_block", "examples_windows_color"] }
event_debug_print kernel_debug_print
opencl_version_1_1 default

Enables opencl_version_1_1 of ocl-core

opencl_version_1_2 default

Enables opencl_version_1_2 of ocl-core


Enables opencl_version_2_0 of ocl-core


Enables opencl_version_2_1 of ocl-core


Enables opencl_vendor_mesa of ocl-core


Enabling future_guard_drop_panic will cause FutureGuard::drop to panic if the guard is dropped before polled. This is helpful when troubleshooting deadlocks with RwVec and other OrderLock based types.


Enabling async_block causes all Future::poll functions to behave in a thread-blocking manner, causing the calling thread to block then return Async::Ready(..) instead of behaving as a normal future would (returning either Async::Ready(..) or Async::NotReady depending on the situation).

Enabling this feature will reduce performance. Do this only if your (platform) drivers have issues/bugs with event callbacks or thread synchronization (old/non-compliant drivers - Known cases: certain pre-Sandy-Bridge Intel processors [on Intel drivers], some other pre-gen-5-core processors [on Intel drivers]).

Leaving this disabled is recommended.

examples_windows_color dev

Enables colored printed output for examples when compiled on windows.

Enables enable_windows of colorify

default = opencl_version_1_1, opencl_version_1_2

Default features: