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Rust library for the GitHub Webhook API

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0.1.0 May 6, 2023

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This crate offers type-safe bindings to the GitHub Webhook API, generated by typify.


The only contributions I'll accept at the moment are those that update the schema. For other contributions, please open an issue first.

The repository is set up using a nix shell for easy startup. It also has a direnv configuration, so you can just run direnv allow to get started. It's possible to contribute using a non-Nix environment, but you'll have to figure out how to download the schema yourself.

To update the schema, first run download-schema (script defined within the nix development shell) then run cargo build. After this, you should delete schema.json to prevent the build script from running again, then cargo fmt to format the generated code. Finally, open a PR with the changes.


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